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 New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B]

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New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B] Empty
PostSubject: New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B]   New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 7:31 pm

New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B]

Is there life on the newly discovered planet Kepler-22?

There was a new planet recently discovered called Kepler-22b. I know the name of the planet sounds rediculous, maybe they should try giving it an actual name rather than a combination. According to scientists, the planet is about 600 light years away from us. The planet is about twice the size of Earth and may even have continents, oceans, and LIFE. This new planet was revealed, December 6, 2011 so this is very exciting and interesting news (especially for science nerds). The temperatures of this new planet found, are around 22C, which is about equivalent to a warm spring day in the UK. This is the first”super-Earth” known to lie in the “habitable” zone of a Sun-like star. Scientists believe Kepler-22b may not only be habitable, but possibly even inhabited.

“This discovery supports the growing belief that we live in a universe crowded with life,” said Dr Alan Boss, from the Carnegie Institution in Washington DC, who helped identify the planet from data obtained by the Kepler space telescope.

Wow, imagine what it would be like if there were actually other humans on this planet. If there are humans it would be amazing to find out what level of intelligence they have, engineering skills, and technology. They could be cave men or they could have already surpassed our technology!

New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B] Laoqti10

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New Planet Found Like Earth Discovered 2011 [KEPLER-22B]
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