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 Why This Kolaveri Di ROCKS

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PostSubject: Why This Kolaveri Di ROCKS   Why This Kolaveri Di ROCKS Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 7:45 pm

Why This Kolaveri Di ROCKS [YouTube honored the video with a Recently Most Popular GOLD MEDAL AWARD for receiving a large number of hits in a short time]

Why This Kolaveri Di (Tamil: ???? ???? ??????? ??, Voy Tis Kolave?i Di ?; English: Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?) is an Indian song from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film , which is due to be released in 2012. Written and sung by Dhanush, the song was composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander.

The song was officially released on 16 November 2011, and it instantly became viral on social networking sites for its quirky "Tanglish" (portmanteau word of Tamil and English) lyrics.Soon, the song became the most searched YouTube video in India. Within a few weeks, YouTube honored the video with a Recently Most Popular Gold Medal Award for receiving a large number of hits in a short time

Creation of the song

According to 18-year-old composer Anirudh Ravichander, the director Aishwarya Rajinikanth Dhanush (who is the wife of the actor Dhanush) wanted a "light-hearted" song about failed love. Ravichandar quickly composed the tune. Dhanush then began work on the lyrics, which he completed in about 20 minutes of playful singing and writing.In an interview to The Times of India, Dhanush said "When I was writing down the lyrics, I kept in mind all the English words that are used in the Tamil vocabulary. Words like I, you, me, how, why, cow.. I just framed them into sentences and thats how I came up with the song.

After an early version of the song was leaked to the internet, is creators noticed its popularity and decided to go for an official release.


The words of the song are in a simple form of Tanglish, a mixture of Tamil and English. The singer is presented as an Indian boy whose girlfriend has rejected him. He is drunk as he sings, asking why she hurt him this way.The words have been described as "nonsensical" and an evocation of "Tamil street humour".Dhanush has said that the simple words used help make the song something that "people can relate to.

Music video

The music video features the actor-playback singer Dhanush singing the song in a studio, accompanied by composer Anirudh on a keyboard. Co-star Shruti Haasan and director Aishwarya Rajinikanth are seen listening in the background

Release and reception

Upon release, the hashtag #kolaveri topped the Indian trends in Twitter on the evening of 21 November 2011. Within a week of the official release of the video, it received more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on Facebook, while trending in India on Twitter the whole time. The song is also a hit among non-Tamilians, apparently due to the Tanglish lyrics.By 30 November it had more than 10,500,000 YouTube views.

The song became the top downloaded song on mobile with 2,10,000 downloads within the first 18 days of release.On 24 November 2011, this song became the first Tamil film song to be premiered on a national music channel, MTV India .The song had achieved 16 million hits on YouTube as of 5 December 2011.

Imitations and parodies of this song have been created, including versions in different Indian languages, a female version, and versions about current events at that time, such as the Sharad Pawar slapping incident and the Tamil Nadu-Kerala dam row.The popularity of the song was also reported by international media like BBC and Time magazine.Top business schools like Indian Institutes of Management conducted studies to figure out the popularity of this song.

Why This Kolaveri Di ROCKS Hmmiia10

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Why This Kolaveri Di ROCKS
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