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 What can you make in 10 minutes from your kitchen right now for kids?

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PostSubject: What can you make in 10 minutes from your kitchen right now for kids?   Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:16 pm


What can you make in 10 minutes from your kitchen right now for kids?

OK girls (and guys if any)!!!

Imagine this situation - It is 2:30 in the afternoon, you have finished lunch! Bell rings at your place, your friend walks with her 8 year old child and says I've been out shopping so much, do you have something to feed me and child in 10 minutes !!!

Now open your fridge, freezer and cupboard and answer this question - what is in your pantry that you can prepare something in 10 minutes !!!

Let me look first !!!

1) First of all they are thirsty, so I can find - Lemons for lime juice, nestle iced tea powder for instant freshness, of course, milk, sugar, coffee, tea, green tea, boost, ragi malt, dino shake

2) Cornflakes and muesli, Oats, Ragi powder for ragi porridge - along with milk add all kinds of dry fruits and make a nutritious meal in 10 minutes

3) kandi podi (paruppu podi), til podi, groundnut podi - make rice, add ghee. Curd rice

4) I have atta mixed with green leaves and green chilli, I have curd, grated carrots and grated cucumber, and some chopped ginger (I always keep peeled ginger in fridge), just make some chapatis and give with curd raita - 10 minutes

5) I have grated bottle gourd in the fridge - mix rice flour, til, ajwain and salt and chilli powder - make shallow fry cutlets or dosas - serve with readymade allam pachadi or tomato ketchup

6) I always have some sprouts and some mixture packets - mix sprouts, different mixtures, cornflakes - add some grated carrots and chopped onions (I keep peeled and halved onions in fridge), squeeze lemon juice (or add curd) and you have a wonderful bhel !!!

7) I have frozen tikkis and potatoes, just pull out and bake for 20 minutes - but this is not 10 minutes

Cool Today (not everyday), I have paneer and capsicum marinating in curd+spices - so even paneer tikka will be ready in 10 minutes today

Please tell me what you have in your pantry right now that you can feed a hungry 8 year old kid in 10 minutes!!!

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What can you make in 10 minutes from your kitchen right now for kids?
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