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 Tips to Deal with Unwanted Fungus in Stored Items

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Tips to Deal with Unwanted Fungus in Stored Items Empty
PostSubject: Tips to Deal with Unwanted Fungus in Stored Items   Tips to Deal with Unwanted Fungus in Stored Items Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 2:28 pm


Tips to Deal with Unwanted Fungus in Stored Items

Monsoons are the right time of the year during which our souls find solace after the harsh summer temperatures. It brings in some cool breeze and lovely showers that pour down the dark skies and the lush green garden patches, forcing us to take a breather from our busy schedules. But the most annoying part of the season is the dampness that brings an unwanted guest in house, the fungus.

Moldy Season:

It is pretty necessary to put a check to this undesirable visitor, mold in house is a serious matter of concern. This is because mold and mildew can cause major damages to valuables in the house and affect the health of an individual too.

Therefore, to prevent the outburst of the molds, here are some tips to help you combat them and breathe a sigh of relief to enjoy the beauty of rains.

Firstly, the house should be warm and clean in order to prevent growth of fungus inside. It can grow anywhere and spoil materials such as clothes, jewelry, leather goods, carpets and more from a simple downpour causing dampness.
Sources for moisture include roof leaks, plumbing leaks, faulty basement connections etc. All these should be sealed before the onset of the season.
Keep yourself ready with some mold deterrents that can be used to prevent growth of fungus. Natural mold deterrent sprays can be prepared by mixing one part of vinegar and five parts of water.
Wardrobe Maintenance:

Clothes get easily affected as they take a severe beating in the rains every now and then during. Therefore, wardrobes should remain free from moisture. One can keep a track on the following to prevent fungal growth and maintain the wardrobes.

Never place wet clothes in the wardrobe. One can make use of some silica gel bags to absorb traces of moisture, if any.
Provide enough ventilation to it, or simply adjust the air-conditioner to dry mode.
One can also use some Neem leaves to naturally avoid the growth of mold and mildew on the linen.
Leather Care:

Most common leather accessories in a house include purses, jackets, belts and shoes. If you don’t use them during this season, it is advisable to simply seal them in an air tight garment bag or place them in a well ventilated dry room. But, if you are using them,

Use them regularly and clean them using a soft cloth.
If they get wet, allow them to dry out in the room temperature and polish them to improve their life.

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Tips to Deal with Unwanted Fungus in Stored Items
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