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 5 Secrets behind good-quality sleep

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PostSubject: 5 Secrets behind good-quality sleep   Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:55 pm


5 Secrets behind good-quality sleep

Studies have shown that there are number of people who experiences interrupted sleep. Lack of good-quality sleep brings number of problems besides feeling tired throughout the day. Traffic accidents, poor concentration in daily tasks, illness and lazy behavior are some of the problems that are associated with poor sleep. To have a healthy mind and body, an interrupted sleep of seven hours is a must. A good sleep not only offers a sound mind and body but also helps in giving positive results in every task. People take medications and seek help from professionals to get a good sleep.

Following are the tips that can help you to provide a good-quality sleep every night:

1. Bedroom is a place to Sleep:

Bedroom is the place to take rest and spend some comfortable time. It must be dark, clean and with proper ventilation facilities. Fresh air circulation and a temperature of 23-25 degrees provide the best conditions for a good sleep. You can also minimize noise and light during the sleep by using ear plugs and window blinds.

2. Avoid Food and Drinks Before Sleep:

Do not eat food before going to bed. Digestion process starts as soon as you take some food. As the digestion process takes lot of energy, taking meal before sleep may keep you awake for a long time. Avoid taking fatty and spicy foods before going to bed as they interfere with sleep. However, some foods like bread and cereals can be taken before bedtime. These foods trigger the hormone serotonin that makes us feel sleepy. Caffeinated drinks and food such as tea, coffee, soda and chocolate must be avoided.

3. Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is the best way to get a sound sleep every night. People with a physically strenuous jobs experiences fewer sleeping problems as compared to those who sweat mentally. Exercise will not only help in stimulating but would also provide a natural tired feeling before the bedtime. Regular exercise of 20-30 minutes will also help in providing more oxygen for relaxation. Please do not exercise before going to sleep

4. Manage your pre-bed activities:

Try doing something that you like the most, before going to bed. Activities such as reading a book, writing, planning the things for tomorrow, or listening to light music can really help in offering you a good sleep. You can also set a definite pattern before sleeping everyday such as reading for some time, brushing the teeth, turning on the fan and setting the alarm.

5. Stick to your Bed-timings:

A body always prefers to have proper routine for better functioning. Try to allocate a fix time for falling asleep and waking up. Once the body gets use to the timings, you will never have to worry about the sleeping problems.

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5 Secrets behind good-quality sleep
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