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 How to Decide On a Board Of Education for Your Child

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PostSubject: How to Decide On a Board Of Education for Your Child   Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:27 pm


How to Decide On a Board Of Education for Your Child

With admissions being the main focus during this time of the year, parents definitely have a tough task on hand when it comes to deciding which board is best for their child. Education is only gaining greater importance by the day and with competition getting more and more difficult every parent wants to make the right and best choice for their child right from the beginning.

The boards of education that have been providing a systematic curriculum of study for the kids in school have been two – CBSE and ICSE. Now, we have a new entrant too on the scene, the International Boards. There has always been a raging controversy between which board of education is the best. With parents having so much to worry about during the admission season, we, at Indusladies, thought that doing a comparative analysis of the three would surely help reduce the conflicts and the problems for parents.

CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education

The CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is one that is a tried and tested formula for many years now. It is the chosen mode of education for those with a transferable job. This actually works best for those on the move as a large network of school including the Kendriya Vidyalayas follow the CBSE syllabus. The CBSE syllabus is also best suited for the entrance and competitive exams like the medical and engineering JEE and thus, is again a sought after curriculum. The CBSE syllabus is more academic or theory-oriented with little room for experimentation. It is recognized by all universities and colleges, and so you definitely do not have a reason to worry if you have chosen the CBSE syllabus for your child.

ICSE or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

The ICSE is another popular board of studies which is followed by several of the reputed schools in the country. Like the CBSE, the ICSE is also recognized all over and a child passing out from the board will not have any trouble going in for higher education.

The ICSE conducts two exams – the ICSE for the 10th class and ISC (Indian School Certificate) for the 12th. The ICSE has a comprehensive curriculum and has a number of subjects, unlike the more compact syllabus of the CBSE. With lot of emphasis on English, the students stand to gain when taking an exam in the language. The ICSE Board is one that gets a student to dig deep into a subject, and gather a proper and thorough understanding of the subject with research and experimentation. It fosters a systematic mode of studies and also nurtures an analytical mind like the CBSE.

IB or International Baccalaureate

The IB or the International Board is slowly gaining ground in India. There are schools slowly coming up across the country that follows the board and children are making the choice of an International Board of Studies. The acceptance of the board worldwide and also a more practical oriented focus of the syllabus are probably the two main strong points working for the International Board. The syllabus is such that it completely eliminates the system of having to cram for exams, the children instead learn by observing and understanding and thus, find it interesting. It also helps them move towards areas that interest them more.

Each of the three boards offers a complete approach with pluses and disadvantages existing in each system. The parents need to assess the individual requirements, circumstances and make the right choice. Choosing a good school should be the first criteria, as the school is the second home of the child and your kid definitely learns his first few lessons of life from school.

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How to Decide On a Board Of Education for Your Child
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