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 Women... Against Women

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PostSubject: Women... Against Women   Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:20 pm


Women... Against Women

It is a sad truth that many of the problems and troubles faced by women are caused by women. This thought kept coming to my mind as I listened to the lady who comes to our house every morning to care for my daughter and her son.

In our place, the days, specially the first forty days, after the baby is born are very important days, in terms of health, in the life of the new mother and child. There are women who are experts in this field. They are experts through experience.

One day we were talking about the life of women. It is not just in the earlier days but through the ages women have faced problems and they are caused by women. The mother-in-law, daughter-in-law problem is the most common one.

Why do women inflict pain, mental or physical, on other women? Do they not understand the trauma or is it a chain reaction? They have suffered in their younger days and now it is their turn. This happens mostly in joint families.

This lady was telling me how she had to start work in the fields within a month of the birth of her child and of other women who were not given enough to eat. All those moments live on in their memories.

Why do such things happen? Maybe it is sense of power over another being or the sense of enjoyment, God only knows. It is just not possible to understand the working of such a mind.

Then the thought comes to mind that women over the ages have fought for equality with men, but never in any time have women been able to protect themselves from other women.

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Women... Against Women
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