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 5 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

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5 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Even after your delivery, you might still look pregnant. This is a normal phenomenon. In fact, it takes around a month for the uterus to contract to its normal size. Also while many lose 2kg to 3kg in the first two weeks because the body gets rid of the extra fluid, losing weight after that dose pose a challenge to many of us.

Here are a few tips that will help you to lose your weight post delivery.

1. Breastfeed Your Child

Breastfeeding will not only provide the nutrition that a new born requires but it will also help you to burn around 500 calories in a day.

However, if you are breastfeeding, make sure that you are giving your body the nourishment that it needs to keep the milk supply flowing. In fact, if you breastfeed and yet diet, then your body will release toxins that enter your milk.

2. Be Active

After giving yourself around a month and a half to get over the strains of pregnancy and to regain your physical stamina, become active. The best way is to walk around. Even walking trips to the grocery store, walking while talking on the phone or an evening walk in the park count.

Indulge in some household chores too. However, if you are planning to join a gym, then it is best to ask your doctor what exercises are permissible. You would not want to over exert your body after all.

3. Have Mini and Nutritious Meals

Do not skip your meals. It does not help to lose the weight that you piled up during your pregnancy. Instead have five to six mini meals throughout the day will help much more. This will not only curb your sudden food cravings but will also improve the body's metabolism.

However, when you sit down to eat; see what you are filling your plate with. Instead of over eating carbohydrates, see that it is more a mix of vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates - broccoli, grilled fish and mashed potato, for instance.

Try and eat more food that are nutritious and yet are low in calories. Examples are fish, milk, chicken and soya. Another thing to bear in mind is the ‘45 minute rule’ (don’t lie down for at least 45 minutes after your meal) and the ’30 minute rule’ (don’t drink water for at least 30 minutes after you have finished your meal).

4. Drink Water

Drink sips of water throughout the day. Eight glasses is the recommended amount. This will not only prevent you from getting dehydrated but will also flush out the toxins from your body.

Remember that it is best to have water at room temperature, rather than chilled fridge water, when you are trying to lose weight. Also begin a routine of drinking half a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon.

5. Get Adequate Sleep

It is true that with your new born you might not get to sleep eight hours a day. But get as much as possible. Follow the age old advice of ‘sleep when you baby sleeps’ and get help, in-laws, parents, friends or even a nanny, to look after your child for some periods of time when you can catch up on some sleep. It really does help.

Studies have shown that those who sleep less than five hours every day find it more difficult to lose weight. This is because of the hormone, cortisol, which is released by a tired body.

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5 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips
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