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 Seven Secrets to Smart and Healthy Grocery shopping

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PostSubject: Seven Secrets to Smart and Healthy Grocery shopping   Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:02 am


Seven Secrets to Smart and Healthy Grocery shopping

With a vast number of supermarkets and the sheer variety of food items they store, it is natural to get confused as to what to buy for your home. Here are few smart grocery shopping tips and tricks.

Read food labels:

Reading food labels is very important, as it informs you about the various ingredients present in the food like fiber, fat, sodium, whole grain/multi grain, sugar, etc. If you are losing weight or on a special diet then, it is doubly important that you keep a check on its fat, sodium and sugar content.

Serving size, cholesterol and total number of calories can be easily checked on a label. Look out for the expiration date of the product as well, for a healthy grocery shopping.

Is it really "natural"?

To check if the product is natural, look out for its label. Terms like artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, etc., can tell you if it is natural or not. Food products termed organic, are free of pesticides and are natural. Certain natural products are piled with oils and sugar. Read the labels and look out for its ingredient list while shopping.

Choose the right edible oil:

There are varieties of oils in the market today, each claiming a multitude of benefits. So which ones should you choose for healthy meals for your family?

Go for refined oils if you need to do high-heat cooking and frying. Sunflower and peanut are refined oils, which are suitable for high-heat. Unrefined oils like olive, sesame oil can be used for salads or for low-heat cooking. These are more nutritious compared to their refined counterparts. The oils lowest in saturated fats are corn, sunflower, olive, soybean etc.

Brown bread Vs Whole Wheat:

Whole-wheat products are better than bread or baked products any time. However, if you wish to buy bread, always look out for the ingredient “whole wheat” in its label. Whole wheat includes the bran, germ and the endosperm of the wheat grain. The refined wheat flour or simply wheat flour is without the nutritious parts of wheat, the germ and the barn. Brown bread made of whole grains, retains most of its vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Avoid go-slim fad foods:

Many products in the market promise instant weight loss. Famous are diet pills, slim fad foods etc are popular. However, fad diets like cabbage soup diet, tomato juice diet, banana diet, Soya milk diet, meal replacement bars can cause health complications. Avoid going for these products, and stick to a balanced diet to lose healthy weight.

Look for low-fat dairy products:

Go for fat-free or low-fat versions when choosing dairy products. Milk, cheese, margarines should be brought only after looking at their labels. Flavored milk though tasty, adds in more calories and sugar.

Always buy fresh produce:

Local produce is better than exotic and exported varieties. This is because the local seasonal fresh produce retains most of its nutrients. Go for colored fruits and vegetables, which are higher in vitamins and minerals. Stock up on vegetables and fruits rich in fiber like beans, peas, avocado, kale, and raspberries/blue berries, etc. for healthy cooking.

Ensure good health to your family by choosing the right products during grocery shopping.

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Seven Secrets to Smart and Healthy Grocery shopping
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