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 Nature Cures for Household Pests

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Nature Cures for Household Pests

Household pests are increasingly becoming a nuisance. They are the cause of an unhygienic environment in the house. Increase in their population leads to serious diseases being spread. These diseases in some cases can cause death too. These pests do not only affect humans, but also plants. Thus, it is necessary to get rid of them. Using natural cures is better and eco-friendly as compared to the chemical methods. Natural remedies do not have any side effects. Households with babies and small child should prefer natural pest cures. Here are the some of the natural pest control methods.


Lizards are not only creepy creatures but carriers of harmful bacterium too. Most households consist of basic cooking powders at home. Red pepper is one amongst them. Combination of red pepper and water can help in getting rid of lizards. The mixture should be spread at places where lizards are frequent. Other natural cures include:

Pepper and water mixture.

Placing the mixture of tobacco and coffee powder.

Spreading of eggshells in certain places where the lizards are more frequent.

These methods of household pest control are cheap and have no side effects on children. They are also extremely easy to prepare.


Flies belong to those categories of pests who lay their eggs on food and hence contaminate it. They cause diseases namely typhoid, cholera and many others. These diseases can make a person very sick. Natural pest cures adopted for elimination of flies are much better than any chemical repellents. Natural ingredients are involved in these nature cures are safe and secure to use. Most women in households prefer liquid soaps. These liquid soaps can serve the dual purpose, as they can also be used for household pest control. Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar into a bowl with few drops of dish soap. Wait for the fruit fly trap to do its job.

Spread crushed mint around the house.

Mixt vinegar and water to clear floors.

Sprinkle combination of ammonia and water.


Mosquitoes are very dangerous. They are the cause of grave diseases like malaria, dengue and others dangerous viruses. However, mosquitoes can be effectively controlled by adopting these best methods like sprinkling of powdered garlic with water and using lavender oil, which repels mosquitoes.


Ants are most commonly found in households. These ants are the cause of germs in the house and feed on household food left in open. Numerous remedies can be used to fight these household pests to reduce the population of ants.These include the following methods:

Drop of lemon juice at corners of the room.

Cloves and cucumber induce a repelling effect on flies.

Powdered cinnamon restrict entry of ants.

Baking soda and grounded sugar kill ants.

Depositing of powdered coffee in various wall-cracks.


Chemical repellents although available in market, are not safe. They can prove harmful, if there is a new born baby in the house. Hence they should be strictly avoided. Instead, natural remedies for getting rid of household pests should be preferred.

Cockroaches might not look dangerous, but are the cause of sickening environment in the house. They cause allergies and contaminate food, which they come in contact with. They produce an irritating smell and destroy plants. Few natural pest cures are sprinkling boric acid with the sugar and powdered coffee. These mixtures should be sprayed or sprinkled at the affected places. This will ultimately result in elimination of cockroaches.

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Nature Cures for Household Pests
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