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 Online Internet Scams, Beware!!

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PostSubject: Online Internet Scams, Beware!!   Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:20 pm


Online Internet Scams, Beware

Technology! Technology! Everywhere

Face book, Gmail, Twitter, and many other social networking sites are occupying a decent margin of our day. Does your day end without even any one of these? It is these networking sites that do provide advertising portals, where are often shady entrepreneurs post their recruitment requirements for the easy money-making survey exercises.

Rita is a college student. She was assigned with a project titled ‘Pacific Ocean’ which she had to submit in a week time span to the college authorities. She went home from the college. She used her fingers to type the words ‘Pacific Ocean’. But, she landed up visiting another lucrative fake money making site which tells her that she can make easy money by filling surveys for international companies who want the public opinion and wish to make her a part of the survey sample. But alas, that happens only after Rita pays them a sum of Rs 3000 as deposit! Why does one have to pay to get work? It sounds fishy already, doesn’t it? You can access such information and ads from any corner of the world.

Today we have progressed so much that we carry internet in our pockets. Most of us have access to internet via our phones. All the social networking sites can be visited; we can be in touch with our friends all the time of the day only with the help of our touch, thanks to the innovation touch screen, and hence it becomes increasingly possible for you to get stuck in some well advertised, superlatively tempting, online survey scam which would only take money away from you for good. Internet has not only made our life simple and fast paced but it has also provided a major platform to people who are physically challenged. However, each coin has two sides, of which one may be good and other might be bad. If there are various advantages of internet, then there also tend to exist its disadvantages. Well of course, it has umpteen advantages but one needs to be smart to not get lured by such advertisements posted by unknown and junk companies.

Purpose of Online Scams

The sole purpose of these fishy scams is to use emails to steal, or extract money, or personal information of victims. They will make you fill the registration and payment form, fooling you to think that they would be making the payment via the information given by you; well you have given away with your address, telephone number and bank details.

Secondly, they make you order help-kits and information brochures ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 3000. In this deal not only do you lose out on money but you also make a credit or debit card payment giving away with your personal card details. Thus in this mere registration process with the ‘scam’ company you have given away some of the most valuable personal information. Such companies and indulgent individuals are known as ‘scammers’, and they do online scams or frauds related to internet. People who are not experienced in the fields of internet are mostly prone to such scams or frauds. However it is not difficult to learn a way to recognize these scams.

Earn with Ease, without Any Hard Work? No Free Lunches, Dear.

Sonia is an MBA and was working in a very reputed company and drawing a good package. Five years later she was a house wife, taking care of her house, husband and child. She was a regular user of internet and kept herself updated with various things going around in the world. Once while chatting with her friends Sonia received a mail which said…

Earn $10 in 30mins!! Earn $20 in 60mins!! Earn $50 in 120mins!! Just by filling surveys. Do online survey for our company and you can earn?

Earn in minutes by just sitting at home and sipping a hot cup of coffee. You are only a few steps from earning money. Follow only few simple steps to become a part of our reputed organization. Follow the link given and enter your personal information (e.g. bank account number or password). You will become one of our prestigious members. Pay fees of $6 to be the member.

Now, this mail grabbed Sonia’s attention. She thought it would be a fabulous idea if she can earn good amount of money by just sitting at home. She was of the opinion that she will now earn money doing simple job where she does not need to compromise with her leisure time and her priorities.

She quickly followed the link without wasting any time, and without giving a second thought transferred the membership fees from her account.

Truth of the Matter

Is it Too good to be true ? What happened next? Was Sonia happily earning the money within few minutes by just conducting a simple online survey? The answer to this question is a big ‘NO’.

As soon as Sonia transferred the money from her account, the website ceased to respond. The company’s website was a fake one. She immediately checked her bank account status which showed $6 deducted. It was a loss which Sonia faced and nothing gained. These companies promise you set income but instead of paying you they make you pay.

Every year thousands of women and young folks get trapped in such scams. These fake companies or scammers make thousands of money every year victimizing people like Sonia. So don’t be like Sonia and rush blindly for money. Beware of such scams.

Surviving Fraud on Net

Do not click on any links via email.

Do not provide personal information via email without doing a thorough verification of the company.

Do not provide any of your personal information.

Do not believe in guarantees which promise you star and moon.

A legitimate company will never ask for sensitive personal information online.

Some companies, which are legitimate, offer documented proof.

So, in this existing world of technology, take time to educate yourself about such online scams and spread the word. Do not fall prey to the world of easy money, there are no short-cuts to success.

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Online Internet Scams, Beware!!
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