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 Travel Makeup Kit Essentials

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Travel Makeup Kit Essentials

Men would never understand the pains and pleasures of travel packing. At some point, am sure every woman feels like just picking the whole wardrobe and go. If am travelling to a nearby location for just 2 days, yet I have more than three pairs of clothes and makeup to last me at least six months, if stranded on an island.

Travel Makeup Kit Essentials Shoppi10

Today inspired and perspired by my earlier travel packing, especially for cosmetic products, I have decided to decode a Travel Makeup Kit.

Travel Kit: Basic

First and basic thing is a good sun screen, no matter whether you are at a beach or mountain, it is summer or rain. A good sunscreen will be beneficial to your skin in the long run.

Get a nourishing moisturizer or to save space to buy a tinted moisturizer with SPF (sunscreen).

Lip balms. There are so many brands available now and so many options in lip balms. Chubby Sticks come in lots of pop color and nourishes your lips.

Kajal is my utmost basic requirement. It just adds life to your eyes. For travel, I would suggest to get a shimmery black or brown kajal for that added oomph.

Travel Kit: Extra

Mascara: Adds volume to your lashes. If you have a fine-dining agenda in your trip or going for drinks or simply dressing up in evenings, then mascara is something you have to carry.

Lipsticks:Choose a different color lipstick than the lip balm you have, to give you two different colors.

Nail Paints: Get lovely bright colours, and if you are not a nail paint person, then just use shimmery nude.

Nail paint remover. The new-age nail paint removers come in a bottle with a sponge. You just have to dip your finger and out, comes the nail paint. No need to carry glass bottles and cotton pads.

Blusher: Get a golden brown for the day & night. It will add just the perfect shine to your cheeks.

Eye shadow: Get a small palette of three colors for travelling. It will have basic colors that you can use during the day & night as well.
The above is a small list, and you can add or subtract products according to your lifestyle. The most important point to remember is to follow your routine and use products that you regularly use. Invest in travel bottles and small kits for convenience. If you are travelling for just a couple of days than do not carry the whole moisturizer bottle, use a little travel jar or bottle.

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Travel Makeup Kit Essentials
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