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 Common Myths about Working from Home

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PostSubject: Common Myths about Working from Home   Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:23 pm


Common Myths about Working from Home

Women have donned various hats and made their mark in various fields. This is also true for those women who are homemakers or those who work from home. However in reality the attitude towards women working from home is a bit different. The word ‘home’ works as a big deterrent for employers, when some women express their desire to work from home. The employers associate this option with lack of dedication or laziness or may be even incapable of meeting deadlines.

Misconception about Resident Executives

Home is often taken to be synonymous with relaxation and laid back attitude; a cosy ambience, which is unfavorable and in conducive for anyone to perform well. It is also presumed that such women do not want to progress in their careers, and just want to make few bucks, are less serious work wise, and hence are underpaid, even though they may deserve more, or at least, equal to the office goers. Employers completely overlook the time, effort and resources put in by these women.

Reality Check on Multi Tasking Home Maker

We cannot undermine the potentials of these women who may be excellent at their work and maybe capable of handling a team, but must be working from home due to some reasons. Women are gifted with the ability to multi-task. Even as full time working moms, they manage their home front and children very well .The focus and attention span along with the adherence to deadlines and quality work is what they deliver. It is not fair to ignore the hard work a working from home employee puts in.

Tips to Survive When You Opt For Work From Home

Be prepared: The women should equip themselves with all possible unseen situations. It is better to be prepared in anticipation than repent later. In addition its important to weigh the pros and cons beforehand. Get a written commitment from the employers about the terms and condition of work, along with the remuneration, before commencing work.

Beware Of Sweet Talk: It’s extremely important to be talk smartly so as to avoid being tricked and avoid ambiguity. You should be able to sell your skills, display confidence, and speak firmly without being impolite. Analyze what is being discussed, and seek clarity if you have doubts or questions on any of the issues. It is also advisable to know more about what could be the possible hindrances related to work from friends, or people who function from home.

Think and Look Before You Tread: Working from home could sound lucrative but a deep and serious thought should be given in terms of time that you would allot, the cost you would incur. A thorough check of all these factors is a must. Give a serious thought on the industry you would like to work for. If you have a prior experience in the same industry, then it will work better for you.

Be Enthusiastic, but not desperate: Never show desperation for work, always maintain composure and calmness. Enthusiasm for work can be conveyed through careful words and deliverance of quality work. Let the work speak for yourself. Contrastingly if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions, or any changes in work description, talk it out.

Be prepared for a pay cut: More than the employers, it is the women who take a huge risk in terms of promotion, perks and the payment, when you work from home. The pay cut may include being deprived of benefits such as gratuity, dearness allowances, insurance, etc associated with working in a corporate environment.

Be aware of scams: Avoid paying to get work. These are often scams and fraud companies trying to tap desperate people searching for working from home options.

Reforming the Society

Empowering women and encouraging them to work from home not only boosts their social and financial status, but also leads to economic growth. We cannot turn a blind eye towards the contributions made by people who opt to work from home.

The employers who have initiated ‘Work From Home’ opportunities for women are no less than pioneers. Working from home works for a whole lot of women professionals, and we need more corporate to correctly identify the potentials of such a workforce. The onus does not just lie on individuals or corporate, but also on the government to play a vital role in amending laws and enforcing them effectively to have a fruitful work from home culture.

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Common Myths about Working from Home
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