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 Five Tips to Reduce Forgetfulness

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PostSubject: Five Tips to Reduce Forgetfulness   Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:28 pm


Five Tips to Reduce Forgetfulness

We all have a good memory, but at times, we do have problems with forgetfulness, isn’t it? Few people get into real problems for being forgetful. One of the main reasons that medical experts quote as the reason for forgetfulness is the failure between memory and attention. You are not really paying attention to the task when something else pre-occupies your mind. Multitasking is the way of the day and we crowd our mind with several thoughts, which makes us give less attention and finally makes us forget things.

Here are few other things that can make you inattentive
Anxiety, depression, day dreaming tendency, dissatisfaction, difficult in completing tasks, relationship problems, poor time management, mood swings or conflicting mind.

What can help to solve this annoying forgetfulness?

Do Not Multi Task: Give your full attention to one task at a time. Though multitasking may make you feel powerful, you will not be quite productive. You put unnecessary pressure on the brain to carry out different tasks that it becomes difficult for the brain to filter out information and fails to keep a working memory. Multi-taskers cannot easily switch between tasks unlike a single-tasker.

Relax Your Mind: A restless mind cannot focus on any particular thing and makes the brain slip some information. Keep your mind relaxed and calm. Remember to pay attention to what you are doing in the present than thinking of the past or future. Additionally, get sufficient sleep of at least 8 hours to recharge your brain.

Exercise: Cardiovascular exercises help to release mood-regulating hormones, which prevents depression and anxiety. Regular breathing exercises also supplies sufficient oxygen to keep your body relaxed. Take up an exercise that challenges your mind. Chess, using your left hand instead of the right or vice versa to do your daily tasks, learning a new language or a hobby will flex the brain muscle.

Feed the Brain: Vitamin B12, B and folate are some of the essential nutrients that help the optimal function of the brain cells. Berries, cherries, apples, walnuts, turmeric, seafood, dark chocolate, spinach are some natural sources of these nutrients.

Take the Help of Aids: Do not get frustrated with your forgetfulness. Accept and work on it. Numerous aids can help you keep track of things such as the cell phone, organizer, and sticky notes or a simple to-do list.

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Five Tips to Reduce Forgetfulness
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