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 Five foods to Fight Inflammation

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Five foods to Fight Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation can be lying right under your skin and you may not even be aware of it? It could be because you may not see or feel it. Inflammation occurs when the immune system goes abnormal which damages the tissues and leads to chronic inflammation. Persistent inflammation is one of the prime causes for heart disease, acne, asthma, obesity, mood swings, cancer and diabetes. The immune system can go awry due to unhealthy lifestyle with less sleep, intake of junk food, less physical activities. However, you can still beat inflammation by including variety of foods that help to fight body inflammation.

Ginger: Ginger is one of most powerful herbs that you have that fights infections and inflammation. It contains gingerols which is effective in combating inflammation of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alzhemier’s and several types of cancer. It has hundreds of chemical ingredients that aid digestion and digestive complaints. This is one of the traditional medicines used for various ailments in Asia.

Nuts: You will do your health a favor if you snack on crunchy nuts. It can also be seeds such as pumpkin or flax seeds for that matter. Research indicates that nuts increase the production of adiponectin, a hormone which keeps blood vessel inflammation under check. Such foods are desirable if you want to lower your risk of cardiovascular and diabetes disease.

Grapes: Grapes contain variety of anti-oxidants, which reduces the inflammation of blood vessels and thereby reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Grapes contain abundance of Vitamin A, B-complex and C, which are effective in lowering the inflammation in the mouth, throat, gums and eyes. Remember to eat the fruit form and not its packaged juice form to derive maximum benefits.

Apples: The red variety of apples when eaten along with the peels, have tremendous anti-oxidants get rid of cell-damaging free radicals and suppresses inflammation. The presence of Vitamins A and C also repairs body tissues and builds health skin. Remember to wash the apples thoroughly especially when you want to eat them with the skin.

Onions: Onions are the richest source of quercetin, a flavonoid that prevents inflammation in the joints, blood vessels and bones. Onions are therefore an excellent source to beat inflammation for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and cardi0-vascular diseases. The compounds present in onions also promote growth and strengthening of bones. Go for red and yellow onions since they have more disease fighting compounds than present in white or sweet onion varieties.

Cabbage: The cruciferous variety of vegetables including cabbage, broccoli , cauliflower, kale contain sulforaphane, which has anti-inflammatory properties which fights bacteria from infecting the body and reduces inflammation to a good extent. It is also good for skin, ulcers and certain types of cancers.

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Five foods to Fight Inflammation
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