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 Over 50 uses for dryer sheets

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PostSubject: Over 50 uses for dryer sheets   Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:04 pm


Over 50 uses for dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are something that I don’t always use for my clothing, but keep on hand because they work so well for so many other things. They can clean so many different things throughout your home and prevent dust, insects and more from bothering you. Each of these little sheets is like magic!

Here are over 50 different uses for dryer sheets:

Lint trap: Use an old dryer sheet to clean the lint trap in your dryer. It comes off like magic!

Dusting: Run a dryer sheet along your shelves and the dirt will easily pick up and stick to the sheet!

Insect repellent: Run on on your skin to keep the bugs away when you are going to be outside.

Keep your clothes so fresh and so clean-clean smelling: Place one on the bottom of each drawer in your dresser to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Scrub your shower: Wet a dryer sheet and use it to wipe away soap scum from your shower.

Stop static electricity: Get rid of static electricity by rubbing a dryer sheet on your clothing

Prevent shoe funky smells: Stick one in your shoes when you aren’t wearing them to help keep away the funky odors.

Mask stinky diapers: Throw some in your diaper bag to wrap around a dirty diaper to keep it from smelling until you can throw it away.

No book smells: Throw one between the pages of books to keep them from smelling like old paper.

Fresh car: Place sheets under the seats of your car to help keep a fresh smell.

Bug goo be gone: When you have bug splatters on your windshield, simply wet the car and scrub with a dryer sheet to remove the gunk.

Travel bags: Keep your clothes smelling fresh while you travel by throwing a sheet or two in your luggage.

Kitchen clean-up: Pans that have caked on foods are easy to clean after being soaked in warm water with a sheet or two. The food will come right off!

Paint brushes: Clean up your dirty paint brushes, including latex paint, in water with a dryer sheet and the paint will come right off.

Freshen your bathroom: Place a sheet inside the toilet paper roll. Every time you pull on the roll you will release a little freshness.

For a good nights sleep: Place a sheet under your sheets or in your pillow case to keep the fresh smell as you sleep.

In your desk: Keep a sheet or two in your desk at work to help your area smelling good…this will also help you mask strong perfume or smoke smells.

Vacuum: Place one inside your vacuum bag to help release fresh smells as the hot air circulates.

Storage: Place sheets inside luggage, sports equipment, etc that you store and rarely use. This will help prevent them from getting the musky smells from storing.

Swiffer: Use one in the place of a Swiffer mop sheet to pick up dust, and particles. It may take several sheets because the sheets are so thin.

Fire starter: Fill a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets and link. When it is filled, fold in the ends.

Clean your TV: Use one to wipe down the dust and particles from your glass tv screen. This will also help repel dust in the future.

Powder spills: Use a dryer sheet to help pick up spills in the kitchen, like flour. The sheet will help attract the small particles.

Laundry hamper: Clothing in the hamper doesn’t smell the greatest, so place a dryer sheet in the bottom to help mask some of those odors.

Travel barrier: Use a dryer sheet to separate clean clothing from dirty clothing in your luggage.

Gym bags: Keep your gym bag smelling so fresh and clean by throwing one inside to help hide those bad smells.

Sewing: After threading a needle, run it through a dryer sheet to help keep the thread from tangling.

Polish chrome: Run a dryer sheet over the chrome faucets and things to get them sparkling clean.

Eyeglasses: If your lenses are glass you can clean the lenses with a dryer sheet to remove particles and smudges.

Clean your furniture: Run a dryer sheet along furniture to help keep the dust off.

Baseboards: Use old dryer sheets to clean your baseboards. This will help remove the hair and dust that accumulates there and also helps repeal those in the future.

Scissors: Clean the blades of your scissors with an old dryer sheet to help them sharpen up.

Woodwork clean up: A dryer sheet works wonders to pick up saw dust.

Deodorant marks: Remove white marks off clothing by rubbing a dryer sheet over them.

Trash cans: Help to get rid of stinky trash can odors by placing a sheet in the bottom of your can.

Scrapbooking: You can add texture to a page with a dryer sheet, and your page will smell fresh and clean!

Sleeping bags: Every time you roll up your sleeping bag, place a used dryer sheet in it to keep it smelling good.

Tents: Keep your tent smelling good by putting several used dryer sheets in the tent before you pack it away.

Crayon clean up: Use a dryer sheet to clean crayon marks off your wood furniture.

Loose hairs: You can pick up loose hairs on your sink and counter by rubbing a used dryer sheet across them.

Clean your iron: On low, iron over a dryer sheet until the residue disappears.

Dashboard: Keep a container of used dryer sheets in your car for wiping down the dash and helping prevent dust from sticking.

Rafters: Keep one near the rafters in your house to keep bugs and insects from nesting.

Soften your feet: Soak your feet in warm water then rub a used dryer sheet over them to help soften your soles.

Plants: Place one in the bottom of your flower pots to help cover the drainage holes.

Quilts: Use them instead of paper when doing ‘paper piecing’ for quilts. First ironed them smooth, then trace your pattern onto the dryer sheets. They’re lightweight, don’t add bulk to your quilt & they smell great.

Pet hair on clothing: Rub a used dryer sheet on your clothing to help remove pet hair.

Mice: If you find a mouse hole, stuff it with used dryer sheets. The mice won’t chew through the smelly material.

Window blinds: Wipe the blinds down periodically with a used dryer sheet to help repel dust.

Calm down pets: Rub down your pets with a used dryer sheet before a storm to help remove the static in their fur. This will help to relieve the stress they feel.

Cars in storage: Place a few sheets under the hood of a car in storage to help keep away mice and squirrels.

Fan blades: Clean the blades of your fan easily by rubbing a used dryer sheet down them. The dust will cling to the sheet.

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Over 50 uses for dryer sheets
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