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 Galatta Marriage

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PostSubject: Galatta Marriage   Galatta Marriage Icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 2:38 pm


Galatta Marriage - 1

Sankaran to his wife Veena: the boy's people are coming to see Vanaja. Ask her to be at home by 5.00 P.M.

Veena: as if your daughter will listen to me. You yourself tell her.

Sankaran: Vanaja, today the boys people are coming to see you at 6.00 P.M. be at home by 5.00 to get ready.

Vanaja: Oh, dad! today I have an important tennis match at 4.00 P.M and I don't think I could get away from there before 5.00 P.M. You and mummy see the boy and if you like him it is O.K for me'.

Sankaran: No. You have to come and be here before 6.00 P.M

Vanaja: O.K, dad, I will be there.

Mr.Gopalan and Mrs. Lakshmi Gopalan along with their son Suresh reach Sanakaran's place.

Sankaran with folded hands: Welcome, welcome Mr. Gopalan, Mrs. Gopalan and Mr. Suresh.

All are seated and there is some silence before Sankaran starts to speak.

Sankaran: My daughter Vanaja should be here any moment. She has an important tennis match. Since she is our only daughter we have brought her up like a son also. He he he...

Gopalan: O! what a contrast! Our son Suresh is also only son for us. So, we have brought him up like a daughter also. he he he.....

Veena: O! does he know cooking, putting rangoli etc.?

Lakshmi: We have taught him to cook for a big party. He can cook all south indian dishes as well as north indian dishes. Sometimes, I used to get tips from him. (she smiles)

Sankaran: O! so he can easily become 'Avvai Shanmugi',saying this he laughs loudly.

Veena: What are you talking? In Avvai Shanmugi, Kamal becomes a lady after the divorce. They have come to talk about marriage and you are talking of divorce.

Sankaran: I just told for fun. if we say fire our mouth will not be burnt.

Lakshmi: You said that you have brought your daughter like a son. Can you tell us what exactly you have done?

Sankaran: She is a black-belt champion in karate, tennis champion, has cut her hair like gents' crop. She wears pant and shirt only. In fact, if you see her from behind you will say she is a boy only. He he he......

Lakshmi: When Suresh was young during Navarathiri we used to dress him in paavadai-sattai and used to send him with a box of vermilion to invite ladies in our street. (She smiles and Suresh is beating his head)

Right at that time Vanaja enters revolving her tennis raquet and she is wearing skimpiest of dress giving tough competition to Sania Mirza

Vanaja: sorry I am late. Let me have a wash, change and join you.

Sankaran: Amma Vanaja, say Hello to Suresh and his parents

Vanaja: Namste, uncle. Namaste, aunty. Suresh you look cute. (Suresh blushes)

Sankaran: Vanaja, change into a nice Saree and come. Yes, you put a pottu on the forehead also.

Vanaja: Oh, dad! I don't know how to wear saree.

Lakshmi: Don't worry, our son Suresh can help you. He knows all about sarees and how to wear them. You want madisar kattu or telungu kattu or marawari style he knows everything. (she smiles proudly)

Veena: Vanaja, come I will show you how to wear saree.

Veena to Lakshmi- let Suresh help her after marriage

Sankaran: After marriage Suresh will be interested in removing the saree not in putting it on her (He laughs loudly)

Veena gives a stare to sankaran and says: You are talking vulgar. Better keep your mouth shut.

Sankaran: So, What Mr. Suresh is doing?

Suresh: eating bonda uncle! ha ha ha.....

Sankaran: Suresh is humourous. I asked what job you are doing.

Gopalan: Suresh has done Ph.D in Physics. He has got a post-doctoral fellowship from Washington University.

Sankaran: O! What a coincidence! Vanaja did Masters in computer science and she has got a job offer from Washington.

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PostSubject: Re: Galatta Marriage   Galatta Marriage Icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 2:40 pm


Galatta Marriage - 2

Sankaran: Till Vanaja joins why not Suresh entertain us with some songs.

Lakshmi: We have kept a music teacher and taught him carnatic music. His teacher is the desciple of M.D. Ramanathan who was the desciple of Tiger Vardachariyar. His teacher Krishnamoorthy Bhagavathar used to say that Suresh is singing like Tiger himself. (She smiles proudly).

Sankaran: Oh! is it true? Come on, Suresh give us some good sangathi.

Suresh: Actually I can't sing without accompanying instruments. Anyway, I will sing. He sings
'Varaveena mrithupaani
vanaruka lochana rani
suruchira pampara veni
suranutha kalyani
nirupama subaguna lOlaa
nirata jayaaprada sheelaa
varadaapriya ranganaayaki
vaancita pala daayaki
saraseejaasana jananee
jaya jaya jaya'

Sankaran to Lakshmi: You told that Suresh will sing like Tiger himself, but he is singing like reciting nursery rhymes. Ha ha ha (he laughs)

Lakshmi: Actually Suresh had a sour throat. But, in order to respect your request he sang that is all. What is wrong with Varavenna song? It is in praise of Devi. Sankaran apologises to Lakshmi.

Just then, Veena brings Vanaja who is clad in silk saree and has her hair well braided and a nice pottu on the forehead.

Sankaran to Veena: Where is Vanaja? who is this girl? from next doors?

Veena: This is Vanaja. Open your eyes widely and see.

Sankaran: Oh! My God!. Having seen Vanaja always in pant and shirt, I am not able to recognize my own daughter (laughs loudly). Amma Vanaja, when you were grtting dressed, Suresh entertained us with songs.

Vanaja: Oh, lovely!. Suresh do you dance as well? We can go to Sun TV's 'Perfect Couple' program.

Sankaran: 'Adiye enkarathuku aambadayanai kanom, pilaai per kichami nu sonnalam'. Vanaja, still it is not decided about your marriage and you are talking of 'Perfect Couple' program.

Vanaja: So what dad? I like Suresh and I am going to marry him. If you don't agree we will have 'Washingtonil Thirumanam' (marriage in Washington).

Suresh: Thank you, Vanaja. I will be like the lamb of 'Mary had a little lamb' poem. You know wherever Mary goes the lamb is sure to go behind her. Ha ha ha..... (he laughs uncontrollably).

Sankaran to Gopalan: Did you see that both of them have decided themselves to get married. If we want to save our respect we have to perform the marriage immeditely.

Gopalan: I fully agree with you and let us start the preparations.

Vanaja: Uncle, before marriage I want to take Suresh out to disco with me. Do you have any objection?

Sankaran: Why Vanaja to disco? so that later he can dance to your tunes? Ha ha ha.. (He laughs loudly).

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PostSubject: Re: Galatta Marriage   Galatta Marriage Icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 2:42 pm


Galatta Marriage - 3

The marriage of Suresh and Vanaja gets fixed and the scene opens on the eve of marriage.

Sankaran (talking to himself): It is already 6.00 P.M, we have to start the Mappillai azhaipu (Baarath). But, where is Vanaja?

Veena: What are you talking to yourself? Where is Vanaja, it is getting late for Mappillai azhaipu.

Sankaran: That is what I want to know. Where is Vanaja?

Gopalan and Lakshmi also come there.

Gopalan: It is getting late for Mappillai azhaipu, but this Suresh is not to be seen.

All are wondering where is Vanaja and Suresh. At that time Sharada, Vanaja's friend comes there.

Sharada: Uncle, you are looking for Vanaja? She has taken Suresh to beauty parlour.

Sankaran,Veena, Gopalan and Lakshmi in chorus: Suresh to beauty parlour? For what?

Sharada laughs and tells: Vanaja wants Suresh to become fairer like Rajni Kanth in Shivaji.

Sankaran: Oh, God! It may take ages or they may have to use emery paper and rub off his skin. He laughs.

Right at that time Vanaja gets off the car with a fairer but shier Suresh in trail.

Vanaja: Hi, Dad and mom, Hi, uncle and aunty. See Suresh, he has now become a good match for me.

Sankaran: O.K, O.K. Go inside and get dressed in nice silk saree. After the mapillai azhaipu we are having Periya Nichayathartham (big engagement ceremony).

Vanaja: No dad, I am not going to wear saree. I am going to wear pant and shirt. I am going to dance in front of the Baarath.

Sankaran: What? You want to dance on the streets? Remember you are the bride.

Vanaja: Nothing doing. I want to dance.

Veena: Please allow her. If we had a son and he gets married won't we allow him to dance on the baarath.

So, the baarath is on with Suresh wearing suit and seated in a top-less car and the procession with relatives and friends following and in front Vanaja and her friends dancing to songs like 'sirichi sirichi vantha cheena thaana doi'.

Suresh tries to climb down from the car to join the dancing party, but his two uncles make him sit in the car telling that he is the bridegroom and should not dance and if he still wants to dance he will go to Washington in wheelchair only. They are both tall and well built. So, Suresh has to give up his ideas to join the dance party.

After some distance, the janavasa car breaks down.

Sankaran: O! what we are going to do now? Already it is late for the nischayathartham.

A person in pant and shirt breaks the crowd near the car and gets underneath it.

Sankaran: Aabathpandhavan, I hope he finishes the repair fast.

Repair was done and the car starts. The person from beneath the car comes out.

Sankaran catching hold of the person's hands: I am treating your hands as legs and thank you for the timely support. You know this is my daughter's marriage. Where is Vanaja? he asks nearby people.

Vanaja: Dad, it is me who repaired the car.

Sankaran: What? is it you? O! I could not recognize you as your face was covered with greese.

Vanaja: That is O.K. Why there is no fireworks arranged?

Sankaran: ' Araithuttile kalyanam and athile konjam baanvedikai nu sonnanam'.

Vanaja: What does that mean?

Sankaran: I just told for fun. I could not arrange since there are restrictions. I could have called a mimicry artist and asked him to produce all the fireworks sounds. You know these people are experts. They come in Sun TV's Asatha Povathu Yaaru program.O.K. go get dressed in saree. It is time for Nischyathartham.

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Galatta Marriage - 4

Marriage day begins with viradha poojai.

Vanaja: When can I have my breakfast?

On the other side Suresh also is asking the same question. They are told that till the muhurtham is over they can't eat. Right at that time, other people are praising the breakfast items like pongal, vadai etc. much to the chagrin of both Suresh and Vanaja. Vanaja gets some idea to solve this and she shows by sign language to Suresh 'Yaamirukka bayamen'(when I am there why do you worry?).

Sankaran: It is time for Kasi yathrai.

Vanaja: What do you mean by kasi yathrai?

Sankaran: Amma, it is a ritual in which Suresh will get dressed like a paradesi and will take few steps in the direction of kasi. Then, I will go and appease him telling him that I will give my daughter and this and that and will bring him back.

Vanaja: I also want to go to Kasi.

Gopalan (who comes there): What is this Sankaran, in no marriage bride will go for Kasi Yathrai.

Sankaran: Since we have brought up Vanaja like a boy she wants to go I think (he laughs).

Gopalan: Amma Vanaja, we are giving our son who is brought up like a daughter. He will cook for you nice dishes, will sing for your entertainment, will put rangoli etc. What else do you want?

Right at that time one of the ladies comes there and joins their conversation.

Lady: You were talking about rangoli. Morning I was putting big rangoli when Suresh came there and told what mamy you have made a mistake in that suzhi and snatched the kola maavu from me and corrected it. I felt ashamed. Amma Vanaja, you are lucky to get such a husband.

Kasi Ythrai gets over and it is time for the exchange of garlands. It has to be done with both bride and the groom carried on the shoulders of their respective uncles. Suresh's two uncles who are tall and well built simply lifts Suresh like a child and keep on their shoulders. Vanaja laughs looking at Suresh perched on top of the uncles like a hen. But, her only uncle is puny and is forced by others to carry Vanaja. He is not able to lift her. Vanaja takes steps of 10 yards come running and jumps on his shoulders. Poor uncle, he loses balance but some nearby people catch hold of him with Vanaja. For Suresh it is easy to put the garland as he is perched at a height. But, Vanaja has to take careful aim so that garland lands on Suresh. Everyone enjoy this game.

Shortly afterwards as the function is progressing Vanaja looks worried and keeps looking at the entrance.

Sankaran: What is bothering you Vanaja?

Vanaja: I had invited some close friends specially for muhurtham as they could not come for Maapillai azhaipu. But, they have not turned up so far.

There, Suresh also is worried that his special frinds have not turned up.

Both Sankaran and Gopalan are thinking what could be the reason.

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Galatta Marriage - 5

As Suresh and Vanaja are wondering about their friends not having shown up, slowly one by one they come. When Vanaja asked her friends anxiously why the delay they took her outside and showed where it is written ' Abhaya kuchalambal weds Srinivasa Venkataraghavn '. They say 'we were looking for Suresh weds Vanaja and we saw this and so we went searching. Vanaja calls Sankaran.

Vanaja: Dad, what is this instead of my name they have written Abhayakuchalambal.

Sankaran: Oh, that is why your friends came late?. What must have happened is I gave the Tamil invitation to the persons who were doind the hall decoration and in Tamil invitation we have put Abhayakuchalambal alias Vanaja and that person has taken the first name only. Let me catch hold of him and ask him to change it.

Gopalan: Sanakaran, now there is no time as muhurtham is nearing. I will put a person at the gate who will keep announcing 'here Suresh weds Vanaja'.

Inside, it is time for Kannonjal in which both Suresh and Vanaja are seated on a oonjal and ladies in relation to both will come and take coloured rice balls and after circling both their heads will throw them away in different directions. As it started when the first lady threw, Vanaja stretched her hands abd catches hold of the rice ball and starts eating. Everyone laughs at this and Veena advises Vanaja not to do like that. But, here Suresh and Vanaja are both hungry as no breakfast was given. After all ladies finish throwing the rice balls, Veena brings a big bowl of milk in which some fruit pieces are also put. As per tradition, both Suresh and Vanaja are fed this milk with fruit by a small spoon. As veena comes near Vanaja with the bowl, Vanaja snatches it from her hands and drinks straight from the bowl. She gives to Suresh also to drink. Veena is shocked and everyone around laugh.

Veena advises Vanaja not to do such things.

Next, preparations for the muhurtham of tying the thali start with the prohiths saying mantras. Vanaja laughs uncontrollably. Sankaran asks her why she is laughing. Vanaja points out how the prohith's head turns automatically facing the video camera in unison like the radar antenna turning its direction. The chief prohith asks Vanaja to sit on the lap of Sankaran so that Suresh can tie the thali. Vanja jumps happily on to the lap of Sankaran hugging him. The chief prohith laughs and says, 'Amma, you may like your daddy very much. But, if you sit like this how Suresh can tie the thali? So, sit facing me'. Vanaja sits as he told her and among loud nadaswaram and thavil Suresh ties the thali.

So, the galatta marriage comes to an end and Suresh and Vanaja are getting ready to fly to Washington. Let us wish that they do live happily ever after.

The end.

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Galatta Marriage
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