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 The World's Biggest Working Revolver

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PostSubject: The World's Biggest Working Revolver    The World's Biggest Working Revolver  Icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 2:50 pm

The World's Biggest Working Revolver

The World's Biggest Working Revolver  A_116

The World's Biggest custom working revolver weighs a mere ninetynine pounds has a length of four feet two inches and stands approx one foot four inches from the butt to the top of the hammer. When compared to a normal sized revolver as in the picture above and below, then this gun is truly a behemoth and one that can only leave you feeling awestruck! Also, check out the size of the ball shot that it fires!

The World's Biggest Working Revolver  A_117

The revolver is so big that it is impossible to hold up to fire, even with both hands. So it would have to be fired and indeed loaded from a bench every time.

Impracticality over-rides any form of usefulness and the revolver is more of a showpiece, a display of skilful engineering than a practical firearm. Something like this though would be great for educating groups of people on how historic black powder firearms were used. So from the point of view of education and history, then its a big thumbs up.

The World's Biggest Working Revolver  A_118

This exhibition revolver would be one hell of a talking piece and presumably a big crowd puller too. The revolver has now been encased in a glass display box and can be seen at trade shows and gun fairs. When or if this revolver does a tour of the U.S.A or U.K, I will try to get any dates and post them up because it would be well worth the trip to go see this marvel of fine tolerance, scaled up engineering.

The World's Biggest Working Revolver  A_119

The revolver is a fully working, exact scaled-up copy of an 1858 Remington New Model Army black powder revolver. It can be loaded and fired in exactly the same way as the original except that the revolver needs to be supported on something substantial like half a log before it can be fired.

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The World's Biggest Working Revolver
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