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 The Girl Next Door

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The Girl Next Door

This story happened in 80s ...the time of bajaj scooters and maruti 800s ...when doordarsan monopolized drawing rooms and buniyaad and chitrahaar were awaited with passion...when one day international heroes were revered and matchfixing was unheard of..yes, along time go indeed....when there were no smart fones ,no internet,no socialnetworking ,no dating or chatting...

She was staying in one of the thousands of towns that dot our map....she was in her mid teens....the only daughter of middle aged parents who adored her...a girl in the first bloom of youth ...she was lanky ,pale and painfully shy with strangers...a very ordinary teenage girl whose world revolved around school and home...she led a sheltered life as was typical of a girl in that day and age....she excelled in studies, played badminton with friends in their courtyyard , watched tv, sang in school choir , visited grandparents during annual vacations and led a very predictable and patterned life...Until HE exploded into her life like a meteor and shattered her life's mundanity....

HE was ..well,lets call him THE BOY NEXT DOOR....his parents shifted to that town from a far off city following a transfer and she saw him for the first time when she was on her balcony watering plants...she studied ina convent school and had little or no experience with boys...now ,on the adjacent balcony she saw the most handsome boy she had ever seen...she fell hopelessly and helplessly in love....well if it sounds cliche ,i m sorry but that is exactly what happened....

From that day onwards she saw him every day on the balcony in the mornings , his sight would send her heart soaring...but she would demurely. water plants and go inside....she would see him going past her in his bike while she walked to school,her heart would do somersaults but she would calmly chat with friends and go on...his mother would come and chat with her mother in drawing room., she would listen keenly to any mention of his name...she opened her books and saw his handsome face looking up at her from the pages...she was in love as only a girl her age can be ...the all consuming love ...rendered all the more devouring because she had no knowledge how to express it....

She had met him a few times on the stairs , in a neighbours house during diwali...he was polite but distant....those days boys and grirls did not socialize much... but each time they came face to face she was so tongue tied that she couldnt even muster the courage to say hi...so ,they became just nodding acquaintances....even while she composed hundreds of unposted letters to him,never once she dared to declare her all consuming love
..days stretched to weeks and months...the love burning inside her gave her a new radiance,a new spring to her steps, a new life to her music....some days she thought that he was aware of her feelings ...that , when he smiled at her from the balcony it was with a hidden meaning...on those days she was in ecstasy...on other days ,when he just went past her with a nod and a distant look in his eyes, she was in agony....unsure of his feelings and even less sure about how to approach him...thus it went on and on....on valentines day she bought a very expensive card and wrote beautiful verse on it ...but on that. day she never saw him and finally when she saw him he busily walked past her talking to his friend about some cricket match...she put the card along with her other treasures in a old wooden box...

Thus it went on and on...till a day in early october ,when first chill of winter was in the air and it was slowly becoming difficult to leave the warmth of bed in the mornings....on such a day she was walking back from school and she saw THEM....the object of her worship, the boy next door leaning against his bike and talking animatedly with her best friend , a girl from the same building...there was no mistaking the chemistry at work here...even a blind person could sense the electricity cackling....she was blinded by tears as her heart smashed into a thousand pieces...
Somehow she made her way to her home and took to the sanctuary of her room...she curled up on the bed and feigned headache to fend off her anxiuos parents...she replayed the scene a million times in her head and each time she found it unbearable to accept that where she failed miserably her friend has succede and. found her way into his heart...

If her love was pure and all consuming , her grief was even more so....she wept like her heart would break...she could not sleep and nor could she eat..she had the glazed look of a person who sleep walked...she skipped school saying she was unwell...she did not know it at the time ,but she was in serious depression....her parents attributed it to stress of upcoming plus two exams....they tried to bouy her spirits but she could not be persuaded to go back to her former routine...she withdrew into a shell...became paler and more withdrawn than before...she still talked to her friend. but avoided any chance to see the boy next door...yet some days she would see them walking together , coming back from school..yet other days she would be see her friend surreptiously passing notes to the boy while they waited at the bus stop....on diwali day she saw her erstwhile friend decked up and lighting diyas on the street while the boy watched her adoringly from his terrace....rarely she. would pass the boy on the stairs while she was alone and her heart would be wracked. with fresh grief....

Then came fury....an all consuming fury which shook her to the core by its strength...she felt betrayed even though the boy or her friend had not done anything wrong to deserve her wrath.....her face became pinched and there was a tightening of her jaws ..she forgot how to sing and even to smile...but outwardly she was. the same ...just like she hid her love she and her grief , she hid her fury...anyhow ,she was by nature a very reserved girl ...and no one noticed anything amiss....

She threw herselves into. her. studies with a passion and surpassed everyone ...she tried to block. out her trauma by finding solace in books...yet in unguarded moments she would catch. herselves thinking about them...about the bliss she was denied ....and these thoughts would rouse in her a fury she could not resist...the more she tried to resist the fury the more it reared its head...
One day she was waiting at the bus stop with her friend and her friend said. that she had a secret to share..her friend's face looked radiant as she whispered that she was going for valentines day celebrations at the engineering college... do you know why? She asked with a shy smile...the girl said that she did not know...her friend said that the boy next door invited her....but she could not go alone because her parents would not allow her...could the girl come with her please...the girl nodded her head in assent as if she were a robot..but. inside the fury was let loose...she felt a raging towering anger and she was powerless to resist its onslaught..
the bus came and the girl got in ...her friend followed but as soon as her friend put one foot onto. the footboard , the bus lurched forward and the friend. fell onto the road....to be trampled under the wheels of an oncoming bus.. and then the girl started screaming....no one could keep her quiet...it went on and on.....she was still screaming when they took her off the bus and onto an ambulance and to the emergency room...a hypodermic needle loaded with sedative silenced her screams...

She awoke much later....she did not scream any more...for she had lost her voice....try as she might she could not speak...she opened her eyes once and then shut them tightly. permantly as if to block some sight which was too grue some to behold....

There was much speculation about how her friend lost her step on the footboard...many blamed the driver...some attributed it to the high heels she was wearing...some even blamed school for keeping inexperienced persons as conductors of the bus....her funeral was attended by hundreds of tearful,persons who came from even far off towns..the girl and her parents could not go for they were still in the hospital...

The girl's parents attributed her illness to the shock of seeing her friend's death...but since she did not show any signs of improvement even after many months , they took her to an apex institution for treating diseases of the mind...even there they could hardly make out the nature of her illnes

she would sit huddled in a chair in her room in the hospital, her eyes tightly shut, and would say something incoherently...hardly anyone could make that out.... not the examining doctor nor her attending nurse nor her distraught parents could make out the one phrase she kept saying....'whose hand it was....pushing..pushing...pushing....''

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The Girl Next Door
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